Trump Speech Puts Travel Ban Round 2 in a Holding Pattern

March 1, 2017 Steve Symanovich

Big applause can soften hardball tactics, including President Trump’s pledge to sign a reworked executive order to ban travelers from seven mostly Muslim countries.

In the so-called Trump travel ban Round 2, Trump was expected to sign a less rigid executive order Wednesday restricting travel to the United States. But positive reviews of the president’s address Tuesday night to a joint session of Congress has postponed the move.

“We want the (executive order) to have its own ‘moment,’ ” a White House official told CNN.

Trump’s speech won praise—including from some in the travel industry—for its more optimistic tone and his plans to improve roads, airports and security.

Industry Measures Travel Ban Impact

Trump issued the first executive order after a week in office. The travel ban, now stalled in court, would have restricted travelers from Iraq, Syria, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen from entering the United States.

Many in the travel industry oppose the ban because they say it sends the wrong message to the world and will damage international travel to the United States.

One study said the U.S. travel industry lost $185 million in business in the first week after the original executive order. A report by NYC & Co. estimated New York tourism could drop by 300,000 tourists in 2016 compared with travel in 2016.

Travel Association Offers Praise and Caution

The Global Business Travel Association on Wednesday praised Trump’s pledge to ask Congress to approve legislation for $1 trillion to spend on U.S. infrastructure improvements.

“GBTA applauds the president for his commitment to long-term investment in our nation’s infrastructure, specifically our nation’s airports, and we look forward to working with Congress and the administration on these complex issues,” said Michael W. McCormick, GBTA executive director and chief operating officer, in a statement.

But the GBTA cautioned against the new executive order that would limit travel, although details of the order have yet to been released.

“As we await a new executive order on travel, we urge the Trump administration to keep in mind the importance of business travel to our nation’s economy,” McCormick said. “Closing our borders sends a message to the world that the United States is closed for business.

“Of course,” McCormick said, “security always comes first, but GBTA has always been a proponent for expanding proven security programs and developing new technology to facilitate information-sharing among governments to ensure travelers are always vetted properly, making us all more safe and secure.”

No word on when Trump will put pen to paper on that revised travel ban.

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